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2017 - 2020 completed

The Role of Law in Libya’s National Reconciliation (RoLLNaR)

The Role of Law in Libya’s National Reconciliation (RoLLNaR) was a research project that ran from 2017 to 2020. It identified and assessed the role of law – both actual and potential, enabling and constraining – with regard to major challenges of reconciliation in Libya. The project was led by Dr. Suliman Ibrahim, and was divided into 7 major phases: an inception phase, five thematic research phases on respectively national identity, national governance, decentralization, security forces, and transitional justice, and a finalization phase. The project was funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tripoli and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

April - October 2018 completed

Thematic Phase 1: National Identity

The first thematic research phase ran from 16 April 2018 to 15 October 2018 and focused on the topic of national identity. Major disagreements regarding politics, religion and ethnicity arose that hamper national reconciliation in Libya. With regards to politics, disagreements arose over the role of (former) Gaddafi loyalists in the political process, as well as over the choice of state symbols, such as the flag and anthem.

October 2018 - April 2019 completed

Thematic Phase 2: National Governance

The second thematic research phase ran from 16 October 2018 to 15 April 2019 and focused on the topic of national governance.

April - October 2019 completed

Thematic Phase 3: Decentralisation

This research phase ran from 16 April 2019 to 15 October 2019 and it dealt with major issues surrounding decentralisation in Libya.

October 2019 - April 2020 completed

Thematic Phase 4: Transitional Justice

The thematic research phase on transitional justice ran between 16 October 2019 and 15 April 2020 and covered topics such as truth and fact finding, institutional reform, criminal accountability and reparation.

April 2020 - December 2020 completed

Thematic Phase 5: Security Forces

The research phase on security forces ran between 16 April 2020 and 16 October 2020 and dealt with topics such as the command and civilian oversight of a unified army and the formation of police control, and the disarmament of armed groups.